Accessibility & Disability Services Application

To apply for Accessibility & Disability Services (ADS), complete this application. It is important for you, the student, to complete this form so that our office can understand your needs. Attach documentation of your disability with the application, if available. After it is received, ADS will contact you for an appointment to discuss your disability-related needs and requests.
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Application Instructions

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Disability Information

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Please keep a copy of the documentation you submit. All student records held by ADS are eventually destroyed in accordance with the University System of Maryland records retention standards.
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Click here to access forms for medical and mental health providers.

Preferred documentation format is single PDF file with all pages included. If files cannot be read or opened, ADS will ask for you to re-submit.  Please note we are currently unable to open .HEIC files

Acknowledgement of UnderstandingRequired

Disability records are confidential, maintained in the ADS office and are protected as an educational record under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Disability-related information may be disclosed on a limited, need-to-know basis in order to provide accommodations and services with the permission of the student or as otherwise permitted under the University’s student records policy. 

Submitting this application is only part of the registration process.  Appropriate disability documentation supporting the requested accommodations/services should also be submitted to ADS.  The documentation provided will be reviewed as a part of a collaborative process with the student. A personal interview with an ADS specialist will be scheduled so that there is an opportunity to discuss disability-related concerns, needs and requests. During a personal interview, consideration will also be given to the student’s self-report, strengths, and needs previous academic experiences and ideas regarding accommodations. 

Accommodations received at another institution are not binding to Towson University. ADS may propose an alternative accommodation that would be appropriate but has not been recommended in the past or the student has not received.

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